This is a bit late.

I wish I could blame it on last week’s cyber attacks. But I just forgot to hit send.

So now here are last week’s top performances:

  1. Pretio’s Media Buying Team is on fire! They managed to triple profits last week alone. I interviewd Grant about the teams performance in our latest vlog.
  2. Netflix had a great week. A surge in their user based triggered an ever bigger surge in their stock price (26%)! Making many investors very very happy. Now everyone can chill.
  3. Carmanah Technologies released their first Social Responsibily Report. Kudos to a YYJ tech company that value’s the performance of their green initiatives as much as their bottom line!
  4. The performance of full screen ads have seen a huge spike recently due to Instagram’s Stories, Facebook’s Canvas and Snapchat’s ads. This is great for brands because it allows for interactive story telling. Proof again that user experience reigns king on mobile. #YourGrace
  5. This week’s debate was definitely a performance. Does anyone else feel like this election seems a bit too much like reality tv? If you want to vote for people you admire, check out CB Insights “Most Admired Executive Tournament” and cast your ballot.

Have a wonderful week.

-Taylor and the Pretio Team


Wondering why Pretio is talking about performance so much? It’s because we believe that advertising should back out to performance. ALWAYS.

We also started a Performance VLog. You can check it out here.