Last week was full of performance treats, so let’s dig in.

  1. Everyone is talking about the Time Warner and AT&T deal. Why? Because a) it’s massive (cough, cough $85.4 billion ) and b) it gives one company a huge amount of control for all your favourite performances, like Game of Thrones, and how you can access them.
  2. Alyssa Hansen, our Client Success Manager learned that sometimes your ability to perform for your clients can get lost in translation, literally. Pretio has been working with a Chinese client these last few months and KPI tracking wasn’t working out because each side was tracking a different KPI. Alyssa used her super powers to discover the problem and educate our team. 谢谢 Alyssa (That’s thank you in Chinese)
  3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was performing at The Vic Theatre for the last couple weeks. It was AMAZING, as usual. Ooooh Janet.
  4. Need more motivation to ensure your campaigns are optimized to perform on mobile? Well here it is. Adweek reported that 75% of global internet access will be from mobile devices– THIS YEAR!
  5. According to the internet, Kylie Jenner won Halloween. The internet is wrong. Pretio did. If you don’t believe us, check out our spooky vlog.

Hopefully this provided you with some nice Monday Motivation. Watch out for tricks tonight!

Happy Halloween!

-Taylor and the Pretio Team

Wondering why Pretio is talking about performance so much? It’s because we believe that advertising should back out to performance. ALWAYS.

We also started a Performance VLog. You can check it out here.