Hey there. Welcome back to the Pretio Performance Report. A roundup of the top performances from Pretio, YYJ, and around the digital world. Here it is:

  • It’s been a great week for the family. Bitstew (who we share a major investor with) was acquired by General Electric for $153M. This is the biggest acquisition for Yaletown Partners. Kudo!
  • The performance model is catching on. Ad Exchanger explains why more advertisers are embracing performance-based pay for agencies.
  • Our video department is on a roll. The team increased their average daily performance by 88%. If you have any CPM video campaigns, get at us!
  • Want to increase the performance of your content marketing efforts? Mark Shaefer explains why longform content is the key to success in “I Like Big Blogs and I Cannot Lie”. If you need help with your content strategy a new YYJ startup Ghostit can help you out.
  • Any successful person understand the importance of communities. If you are looking to connect with some of YYJ’s best minds check out Fortside Chat and Basecamp later this week!

Hopefully this inspires you to take the performance of your work to the next level. If not, Gary V has some advice for making a change.

Have a great week!

-Taylor and the Pretio Team

Wondering why Pretio is talking about performance so much? It’s because we believe that advertising should back out to performance. ALWAYS.

We also started a Performance VLog. You can check it out here.